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A poem that I am especially fond of ...

A Dog’s Best Friend

I came into this life, but could not see your face,
Not sure of my purpose, simply put into this place.
My only sense that guided me, was my tiny little nose,
It led me to my mother, my need for food arose.

My head was flopping madly as I finally found my way,
I met my fellow littermates, all on my first day.
But on this special journey, I sensed something more,
A being watching closely, with something else in store.

I found my place to nourish, and snuggle in mom’s care,
All that I ever needed, was met with little fare.
But now something’s holding me, gently in its arms,
I smell a different presence, not feeling any harms.

This soft and tender gentling, makes me feel at ease,
Will this continue, I wonder oh yes, please.
To know that every so often , it’s back with me again,
And when I have that yearning it picks me up just then.

A new day comes and startles me, now, I can see,
Wow, there is my mother, my mates and who is he?
I find my way with caution, to meet this gentle being,
I trust my sense of feeling, is it me, that he’s seeing?

With eyes warm and tender, he knows I have my sight,
I’m taken to his face, his eyes are oh so bright.
Is this the one who held me, on my very first day,
I sense he is the one, oh gosh I think I’ll stay.

And shortly days there after, none to my surprise,
I hear my mothers voice, and my sis’s little cries.
This world is oh so awesome, no limits to it’s joys,
My friend then greets me, with something he calls toys.

As the days that quickly follow, I learn so many things,
My family is forever, my heart to which it clings.
But in this world of wonder, something I need to know,
will my friend still be with me, on the day that I do go?

~ by Dave Thorpe ~

A lot of people don't realize that there was a Dog Whisperer long before the famed Cesar Millan. I have a couple of his books from a few years ago. His name is Paul Owens and is a very respected trainer/behaviourist within the positive dog training community. I just recently bought another of his books and a couple of DVD’s. I really liked something he has written inside his book and asked his permission to use to post it. Here is the article.....



Whatever we can imagine we can make real.
So imagine a smile on your face, a hitch in your giddy-up,
and a little peace in your heart.
Look into those eyes and say,
"We're in this together, pal.
Whatever the problem, no matter how long it takes, we'll work it out.
And we'll have fun doing it."
And then you do.

~ Paul Owens ~
The (Original) Dog Whisperer
Cick here to visit of Mr. Owen’s Website