What My Clients Say

“I had the privilege of mentoring with Judi through the Animal Behaviour College training program, and I found her to be a great mentor. She made me feel very comfortable in every aspect of the mentoring. I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge!” Pam F.

“I didn't think it would be possible to get my dog to stop pulling on the leash. Judi showed me different approaches and I tried them until I found one that worked with Cindy. Thank you, Judi, for making my life so much nicer and having fun doing so.” Jackie S.

“I have taken a couple of courses now with Judi. Judi gets dogs. She doesn't get choke chains, prong collars or bullying your dog, but then neither do I. I am interested in positive means of working with my best furry buddies so that they enjoying learning, and Judi is great at teaching people to do that. She is one of the tiny handful of positive trainers outside of Vancouver or Victoria and has a lot of training and ideas to support her work. She's great with second hand or rescue dogs too.” Annie B. - (Companion to SPCA adoptees Kel the Kelpie and Connor the German Shepherd Dog)

“Judi was able to stop my JR from barking at every leaf that fell and it was done in a very positive manner. I had to learn to quit yelling at my dog. It was hard but she did a mighty fine job of training ME! Now we are on a waiting list for the C.L.A.S.S. program and I'm excited about putting a degree on my dog. Maybe there is hope for me too. Thanks Judi!!!” Sandra P.

Hi Judi: Just wanted to share with you a story from tonight’s walk on the Ridgeview trail with one of your puppy trainees from February (Willow). We’ve been working on words “leave & take.” Tonight on the trail there was a baby bird that appeared to have fallen form the nest, but was trying to fly back (didn't appear injured, just scared). I firmly said “leave“ to Willow who was VERY interested and almost mouthed the bird, and she listened! Big treat for her once home! Thank you for helping us to know how to work with her. Kimberley C.S.