Please note that all presentations are scheduled in advance. Please contact me to discuss fees or to obtain a quote.

Be A Tree

“Be a Tree” is a Dog Bite Prevention presentation especially designed for school children in Kindergarden to Grade 3. This program can be developed for older, or younger children.

Kids & Dogs

Are you having a problem with puppy and a toddler; dog and a baby; are you pregnant and own a dog? This presentation addresses these problems.

Seniors & Dogs

As a senior, do you know what to do when out for a walk and you are confronted by a strange dog? I can give you some wonderful advice in this presentation.

Be Safe At Work

Can you read a dog’s body language? Do you know the signs and what to look for when approaching a residence? If you own a company with outside workers who could be threatened by unfriendly dogs, this seminar is for you.

Canine Body Language

Are you interested in what your dog is trying to tell you at home, at the dog park, or out in public? Learn how to read your dog’s body language in this presentation.