Your dog can receive a higher level of training than thought possible ...

“Remember, no one has ever built strong, trusting, respectful, harmonious or peaceful relationships with anyone, human or using intimidation, fear, force, or pain. They never have, and never will.” ~ Bob Allen ~

Punishment doesn’t work because it does not teach the dog what you want it to do. It simply teaches avoidance which can destroy the dog’s trust in the person administering the punishment. ~ Norma Jeanne Laurette, Founder, International Positive Dog Trainers Association ~

Your dog’s training can be the deciding factor as to whether you will have a happy and well adjusted pet, that responds positively to you, your family, your friends and others, as well as to other animals. Training strengthens the bond between dog and owner. When your dog attends classes at “Canines with Class” they will learn and achieve through consistency and mutual respect using positive, reward-based methods. Intimidation, fear and aversives are not part of the training.

With the right training your dog will become an admired member of your home and community. Without training you could find yourself having many problems with your pooch that could lead to massive behavioural problems in them as time goes on. Training also helps to protect your dog from potential dangers by giving you immediate control over him in emergency situations and possibly being able to save his life. Fewer dogs would end up in shelters if their owners had taken the time to train them. And, as for dogs in shelters, trained dogs are far more adoptable.

The time you begin training your dog is the minute you bring him home, whether his is a puppy, or an adopted dog. Early socialization, obedience, temperament and aggressive prevention training are crucial to the development of a happy dog and dog owner!

A well-behaved, obedient dog is a pleasure to own because he can be taken anywhere without being at risk of injury or being a nuisance. We all want a dog that displays appropriate behaviour around others, and when people visit our homes. We want dogs that are reliable around children and are not a threat to other animals or passer-bys.

Dog obedience and training benefits not only you, but everyone! Let me help you with one of my specialized classes perfectly adapted to your dog’s age, and/or problems. "See Our Services"