~ Dog Training Specialist ~

Please note that I am NOT a dog behaviourist. Although I have attended numerous seminars that have taught me just about anything that you may need help with regarding training your dog; I have been able to help most of my clients with their dog’s behaviour problems. If I am not successful in this, then I will refer them to someone else.

Dog Training Certificates I Possess

My credentials are as follows:

  • Licensed Presenter of Family Paws “Dogs & Storks” program
  • Licensed Presenter of Family Paws “Dog & Toddler Connection” program
  • Certified Mentor/Trainer for Animal Behaviour College
  • Licensed Presenter for “Be A Tree” (dog bite prevention for children)
  • Licensed Presenter for “Be Safe At Work” (dog bite prevention for those requiring to go on private property)
  • Instructor Pet First Aid for St. John Ambulance
My Extensive Dog Training Experience

Professional Dog Trainer for 18+ years and Dog Trainer since a teen:

  • Obedience Trainer for the Municipality of Kitimat
  • Instructor for Petcetera, Prince George
  • Instructor for a Prince George Dog Club
  • Obedience Instructor, Prince George Regional Correctional Centre/BC Turtle Gardens Program
  • Instructor for BC SPCA, North Cariboo Branch
The Seminars I Have Taught

I have presented numerous seminars as entitled below:

  • Be A Tree
  • Be Safe At Work
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Dealing With Fearful Dogs
  • Seniors and Dogs
  • What Is My Dog Saying?
The Seminars I Have Attended

I have attended many seminars, lectures and webinars by a number of well known behaviourists and people in the dog training world; some as individual sessions, others as part of a 3 day conference.

Some of the topics covered at these sessions were: Stress In Dogs, Dog Body Language, Bite Prevention for Workers, Bite Prevention For Kids, The Fearful Dog, How To Relax Your Dog, Bach Flower Essence Applications, Training Shelter Dogs, Teaching Tricks, Boundary Training, Clicker Training, What Is My Dog Saying?, Many agility seminars, Flyball Seminar, Calming Signals, Dog-Dog Aggression, Dog-People Aggression, My Dog is Pulling My Arm Off, Recall Training.

Instructors for these events were:

Special Awards

As a member of International Positive Dog Training Association, I am proud to be the recipient of three awards:

  • Training Excellence Award
  • Courage of Convictions Award
  • Terry Pride Award
Membership, Affiliations & Signature Line

Proud member or affiliate of the following:

  • PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • CAAT (Canadian Animal Assistance Team) Education Committee
  • Prince George Regional Correctional Centre/BC SPCA Partnership Program
  • Animal Behavior College
  • Platinum Member #200, International Positive Dog Trainers Assn & BC Director
  • Doggone Safe
  • St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs Unit #1230
  • Italian Greyhound Club of Canada