I have been teaching dogs since I was 14 years old ...

Hi! My name is Judi Dowson and I started professionally teaching dogs at the young age of 14 when I got my very first dog; a Border Collie! I taught her a lot of tricks and all the neighbourhood kids wanted to know how to get their dogs to do these amazing things. I charged them 25 cents and we met in a park and together trained our dogs. These were the days when the library only had a couple of dog books and no training books to speak of; “Lassie Come Home” and “Old Yeller!” Engagement, marriage and children put a bit of a stop to dogs and dog training for a few years.

I picked it back up again in the early 1970’s when I had two German Shepherds and I attended an obedience class with them. Choke chains were the order of business in those days and when one of my dogs wouldn’t come near me, I instinctively knew that I was doing something wrong! The instructor was of no use to me, or the way I wanted my dogs trained. I was told that if I wouldn’t do as he instructed, perhaps I should leave the class. I was out of there so fast! A few years later, I was introduced to Toy Manchester Terriers and there was no way I was going to use that kind of harsh treatment. Once again, I attended an obedience class and because I was unable to find a small enough choke chain for her little neck, I was kicked out of class. I actually made one for her out of fabric, thinking it would be nicer on her. The instructor didn’t like it - probably just didn’t like my ingenuity, so once again, I left a class feeling very disillusioned.

Around that same time, a Toy Manchester Terrier breeder in the US introduced me to clicker training. She sent me a book written by Karen Pryor called “Don’t Shoot The Dog.” I went forward with what I learned and haven’t looked back since!

Dogs and training dogs are my passion! I can help it become the passion for your pet too!

Some of my credentials are as follows: